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Forensic Accident Reconstruction Engineer

Forensic Accident Reconstruction Engineer

Our qualified forensic accident reconstruction engineers reconstruct motor vehicle accidents through assessing vehicle speeds, vehicle dynamics, collision sequence, impact dynamics, driver input, and stopping distances. Reconstructionists evaluate the available physical evidence to formulate engineering opinions. The reconstruction process, for example, may involve documenting and analyzing evidence from the incident site (for example tire marks, gouges, dirt tracks, blood stains, vehicle debris), measuring vehicle damage either graphically from photographs or through a detailed vehicle inspection, extracting and interpreting electronic data, or conducting tests to understand the performance of vehicle systems and components.

What Do Forensic Accident Reconstruction Engineers Do?

Our licensed mechanical engineers and accident reconstruction experts calculate forces, collision trajectory, and evaluate other contributing factors connected with a motor vehicle accident. Accident reconstruction experts are often asked the questions “how did it happen” and “why did it happen” when there is a liability dispute. Accident reconstruction experts may be asked to collaborate with biomechanical engineering experts, who evaluate whether an injury reported by a driver or occupant of a vehicle is consistent with the facts of the case.

Crash Data Retrieval

Our experts are trained to download and analyze “Black Box Data” from the airbag control module (ACM) of passenger vehicles and engine control module (ECM) of commercial vehicles. This data may include information such as speed, braking, acceleration and other main factors associated with the case, depending on the vehicle’s make and model. This data may be an essential form of physical evidence that our experts consider in the reconstruction of accidents. Crash data may be volatile so it is important to preserve the involved vehicle for proper documentation and data extraction. Collision Reconstruction Consulting is capable of responding to scenes and vehicles within hours of notification to ensure the data is preserved for your case.

Felix Lee is the Forensic Accident Reconstruction Expert at Collision Reconstruction Consulting LLC, an accident reconstruction consulting firm in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Lee was previously the Director of Accident Reconstruction at National Biomechanics Institute, Mechanical Engineer at CASE Forensics, and Project Engineer at MEA Forensic.