Event Data Recorders (EDR) / Black Box


Event data recorder EDR

Event data recorders (EDR), sometimes referred to as “black box”, are installed in over 95% of the passenger vehicles manufactured today and can store valuable data regarding what a vehicle did before, during, and after a collision. For passenger vehicles, the data is imaged from the airbag control module (ACM) or sensing diagnostic module (SDM). Vehicles dating back to model year 1994 may have EDR capability. EDR data can include information about vehicle speed, speed change (delta-V), brake status, throttle position, engine RPM, airbag deployment status, occupant presence, and seatbelt usage. Newer vehicles are capable of storing additional information such as oil pressure, seat position, yaw rate, transmission shift position, steering input, cruise control status, ABS status, and more. Depending on the vehicle manufacturer and model year, pre-crash data can be available for around 2.5 to 25 seconds (most often 5 seconds) leading up to the collision event in intervals of 0.5 or 1 second. The pre-crash data can provide a timeline of driver actions leading up to the collision, and in some cases, can assist experts in identifying contributing factors of a collision and provide insight in establishing liability. Crash data from event data recorders/black box is a useful piece of physical evidence to supplement an accident reconstruction performed using traditional methodologies (i.e. hand calculations, peer-reviewed methods).

EDR data can objectively explain what occurred during a traffic collision. It is important to preserve crash-related data in your case before it is lost or overwritten by subsequent collisions. Our team at Collision Reconstruction Consulting is capable of responding to vehicles and downloading crash data within 24-48 hours notice, for vehicles located in California.

Felix Lee is a certified crash data retrieval operator and auto black box expert at Collision Reconstruction Consulting who routinely downloads and analyzes crash data from passenger vehicles and heavy trucks. If you are interested to find out which vehicles are equipped with black box/EDR technology, please click the link below. If would like to request an EDR data download, please fill out the form below. Our trained engineers and technicians are capable of imaging and interpreting the data within a 72 hours turnaround, and can provide a written or verbal report.