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Collision Reconstruction Consulting

3D Laser Scanning, Computer Simulations

PC - Crash

Accident reconstruction experts often develop physics-based computer simulations that best-matches the available physical evidence. PC-CRASH is a commonly used momentum-based trajectory program. Collision Reconstruction Consulting experts use PC-CRASH to accurately model the progression of events during a motor vehicle collision and to determine parameters such as vehicle speed, vehicle dynamics, impact severity, and to evaluate driver avoidance potential and sightlines.

Collision Sequence

In multi-vehicle collisions, there may be conflicting statements between the involved parties. A common question in disputed liability cases is “who hit who” and “in which order did the events occur”?

It is possible to reconstruct the collision sequence by considering the overall vehicle damage to the involved vehicles, and by calculating the crush energy and impact severity to each involved vehicle. After evaluating all possible scenarios in the order of collision events, our accident reconstruction experts are capable of determining which scenarios are more likely than others from a detailed impact severity analysis.