Collision Reconstruction Consulting – Forensic Engineer

Collision Reconstruction Consulting

Areas of Expertise

Accident Reconstruction

Analyze physical evidence to investigate how an incident occurred

“Black Box” Data Download & Analysis

Data retrieval & analysis of event Data Recorders (EDR) from passenger cars and heavy trucks

Collision Simulations

Visual & graphic explanation of collision through physics-based computer modeling

Collision Dynamic Analysis

Determine contributing factors of collision by analyzing vehicle motion

Vehicle & Scene Inspections

Preserve time-sensitive evidence at accident scenes and involved vehicles

Expert Witness Testimony

Computer Simulations & Collision Modeling

Provide expert testimony and litigation support in civil and criminal courts

Accident Reconstruction

Collision sequence, vehicle speed and dynamics, impact severity, delta-V, vehicle component failure analysis, surveillance video analysis, forensic engineering, vehicle and scene inspections, low speed collisions​

Event Data Recorder (EDR)

Crash data retrieval and "black box" data analysis (passenger cars and heavy trucks). Click below to download a list of supported vehicles.​

3D Laser Scanning, Computer Simulations

Visual explanation of how and why a vehicle collision occurred through physics-based computer modeling​