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Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction involves identify and evaluating the contributing factors of motor vehicle collisions and events relating to personal injury. At Collision Reconstruction Consulting, our qualified accident reconstruction experts provide explanations of how a transportation incident could have occurred – based on analyzing evidence, applying accepted scientific techniques and published research, and testing.

In our crash reconstruction investigations, we often examine the involved vehicles, inspect and document physical evidence remaining at the accident site, analyze photographs of the collision aftermath, review property damage/repair estimates, and perform robust calculations. For example, in calculating vehicle speeds, we measure the amount of crush damage sustained to the vehicles and measure the length of tire marks (if there were any). We then use these measurements and commonly-accepted reconstruction techniques to estimate the vehicle speed. If available, we download EDR crash-related and on-board electronic data from passenger vehicles and data from the engine control module of trucks, which may be a valuable piece of evidence in support of a reconstruction. Collision Reconstruction Consulting experts have specialized training to download and analyze EDR and ECM data. Our Accident Reconstruction expert in Los Angeles is also experienced in performing computer simulations to analyze the motion of vehicles before, during, and after a collision.

Legal counsel, insurance companies, trucking manufacturers, and private individuals trust our qualified accident reconstructionist in Los Angeles to provide the information, data, and an objective analysis in accident reconstruction areas such as:

  • Obtaining crash data from the “black box” or airbag control module of vehicles and trucks
  • Determining collision sequence (who hit who, and in what order)
  • Evaluating vehicle speed and collision dynamics
    • Rear end collisions
    • Side impacts
    • Rollover collisions
    • Pedestrian collisions
    • Motorcycle collisions
  • Calculating change in velocity (ΔV) and collision forces
  • Surveillance and dashcam video analysis
  • Determining seat belt usage and assessing airbag deployment
  • Reviewing repair estimates to determine if repairs are consistent with damage
  • Vehicle damage matching
  • Vehicle fraud investigation
  • Sightlines and visibility assessment
  • Airbag performance evaluation
  • Preparing 3D diagrams, computer simulations, demonstratives, animations
  • Conducting vehicle and scene inspections
  • Preserving time-sensitive physical evidence (vehicles and scene) through laser scanning and drone mapping
  • 24 hour rapid response to incident sites, assistance to immediate losses to document physical evidence and to preserve data in vehicles (Los Angeles accident investigation)
  • Providing accident reconstruction expert witness testimony in State and Federal court

Contact Our Accident Reconstruction Expert

Please contact our accident reconstruction expert in Los Angeles if we can help you in any of these areas. At Collision Reconstruction Consulting, you can rely on us for scientific answers to complex questions communicated clearly.

If the services you are requesting is outside of our scope, we will refer you to the experts we have relationships within the industry, for example in the fields of biomechanics, human factors, traffic engineering, animators, private investigators, appraisers, etc.